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Orange County Corporate & Event Photographer

Who uses an event photographer and why?  As a professional photographer I have come to realize corporate photography is very important.  Companies use an event photographer for award ceremonies, banquets, company picnics, team building exercises, galas, social events, corporate parties, annual conferences, meetings, and fundraisers. We come out to your event and document it through candid photos, of employees, speeches, guests, the entertainment, red carpet photography, and keynote speakers.  

All these vibrant photos we take of your corporate event are used for company brochures, blogs, company websites, and social media. Having professional photos taken is a way of telling the world about your organization.  We capture all the important details of the event. From the people to the decor.  

If you are looking for an event photographer in the Los Angeles or Orange County area we will provide you with quality service from our first conversation to the delivery of your photos.  We will give you a custom quote to make sure all your needs are being met.  After you have looked over the quote and would like to move forward we will send out a contract.  

We know how important it is to choose the right photographer and we are confident that you will be in good hands when you hire Christopher Todd Studios for your next event. With over 16 years experience as a corporate photographer we will deliver a great finished product to your company.  Be sure to check out our portfolio. 

To reach out to us today email or call 800-501-2063