Why is Laguna Beach the Best spot for Engagement Photography?

Laguna Beach has one of Orange Counties most scenic beaches. Convienently located near major freeways and highways like the 5, 405, highway 133 and PCH. Just driving through Laguna Canyon feels like a scenic drive through the NorthShore on Ohau Hawainn Island. Once you arrive you will instanly see why Laguna Beach is the most beautiful and breathtaking location for engagement photos.

Multiple looks in one location

Be prepared for multiple looks for your professional engagment photos.

Often times we start the engagement session with some photos walking around downtown. Art Galleries, local coffee shops and cute alleys line the streets for a look like you just took a stroll through the South of France.

As we make our way down to the sand we stop at the top of the natural bluffs that over look the ocean to enjoy the sweeping views. On a clear day you can see Catalina Island. California's coastal bluffs have a unique landscape including wildflowers and succulants that grow along the hills.

Once we are near the water we can change the look with the tidepools, cliffs, and the rocky secluded coves. We know all the secret spots that couples will love. As the sun sets, the photos become even more romantic. The waves crashing on the rocks, the couples reflection captured in the tidepools, and the golden light that allows us to take stunning photos will surely melt your heart.

Your wedding guests will drool over the photos when signing the custom album guest book or the single printed photo.

What Laguna Beach has to offer that other Southern California beachs don't have.

Shaws Cove is at the base of Fairview Street and is approximately 500 feet in length.

Popular activities are swimming, boogie boarding, skin diving, and scuba diving. This beach is secluded, and most of it's visitors are locals or regulars.

Diver's Cove is 300 feet long and joins Picnic Beach at its southern end. Activities include swimming, skin and scuba diving, and body surfing.

Christmas Cove is the northern most beach easily accessible from the Montage Resort. The best way to get down to the beach is to use the ramp at the end of the Montage Resort park area.

Goff Cove is just off to the left at the bottom of the ramp.

This location is generally less crowded and a good alternative to the larger crowds you will find at Treasure Island.

Emerald Bay Beach This is a private beach in Laguna. Considere yourself lucky if you have access to this secluded beach.

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