Planning Engagement Photography

Plan Your Portraits With Your Photographer

Amazing engagement photos always begin with a plan. A good plan starts with a goal and reverse engineers the desired outcome. In this case great engagement photographs.

Engagement Photo Products

Plan your photography products before your session. Consider your space and where the images might end up on a wall, engagement album or both. You would be surprised how many people don't consider this.  See our products page for engagement photo ideas.

Photography Styles

We are a blend of candid and traditional styles. Candid photos emphasize photographing moments.  An example is photographing a couple making ice cream sundays, or renting a tandem bike and recording their adventure. While a traditional style has my engaged couple more camera aware, or looking at my camera in their pictures.  Traditional portraits are also more formally posed.

Best Engagement spots in Orange County and Los Angeles

Urban, natural, eclectic, studio (location fees some locations have fees for photography, some locations prohibit photography)

Wardrobe Sets The Tone Of A Portrait

Wardrobe choices will have a large impact on your engagement photos.

Get Best Light For Your Photo Session

Timing the light. Golden hour. As the sun sets the light is bent through more of the earths atmosphere

Props Add A Finishing Touch To Your Pics

props: can be the perfect finishing touch to complete an image. examples of props

Remember Your Pets Are Getting Engaged Also!

Be sure to bring your fish, but be sure to recruit a handler to take your animals after we have got the shot and moved on to more focused photography of you and your fiance. Lets also plan on getting any shots with that fuzzy member of the family done first.

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Most couples contact us via email, But we are always happy to answer questions over the phone. Call us at 800-501-2063.

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