Wedding Album Information


My albums are locally made in Los Angeles with the highest quality materials and construction, offering Kodak Lustre or Fuji crystal archive paper, as well as Fine Art Archival Papers with album covers available in many materials and colors. All albums we design have a timeless look with a recessed cover image if desired. We also offer specialty albums with metal, wood or acrylic covers.

Albums tell Stories

Your wedding is a story, and an album is the best way to relive your wedding day. I approach every wedding album with the aim to tell your story with a variety of moment, portrait, detail, and environment photographs.  

Common Design Terms

Aspect Ratio: Proportional relationship between an images width and height.  35mm DSLR cameras record 3:2 Aspect Ratio meaning 3 units Horizontally for 2 units vertically.

Spread: Refers to 2 consecutive pages facing each other in an album. A wedding album is viewed one spread at a time

Gutter: 1mm empty space between pages of an album where they fold at the binding point.

Full Bleed: Image that extends to edge of page

Panorama: A single image that carries or bleeds across the center gutter of a spread.

Design Concepts

SPREAD 1 Bride getting ready 
SPREAD 2 Groom getting ready
SPREAD 3 Bride's Family Portraits
SPREAD 4 Groom Family Portraits
SPREAD 5 First Look

Common Design Mistakes

Example of different subject matter with consistent tone throughout spread.

Design Process

We story format your images. What the heck does that mean? 
  1. We will go through your entire wedding collection image by image. Selecting a blend of images that not only tell your complete wedding story, but many smaller stories woven into different parts of your day.  Our story format concept is the genesis of every album we design. Your first look at your wedding images will be in a story format in our studio. Our design goal is simple. An amazing artistic design that leaves nothing out and tells your complete story perfectly. We like to refer to our initial design as your dream album. 
  2. After we present your album the process becomes more collaborative. Most couples want to add some extra images, or make small changes or image swaps. We will make any necessary adjustments to your design LIVE during our meeting. Technology is pretty amazing. 
Our meeting goal

Have all your wedding album decisions being you by the end of our meeting. We usually spend 2-4 hours finalizing each album.

Types of Albums

Handmade Album

Turn around approx 30-40 days.

Handmade cover swatches

Standard Album

Turn around approx 7-10 days.

Standard cover swatches

What's included with your wedding album

Optional Upgrades