Wedding Photos That Show Personality And Connection Are The Best!


Bridal portraits sometimes referred to as romantics are the photos that we take of the bride and groom alone. This usually takes place right after the ceremony when emotions are real and the excitement and adrenaline are thriving.These photos include none other than the bride and groom. It's best to go alone away from the bridal party, wedding guests, distractions, and family members. This allows us to capture real intimate moments of love and devotion between the newlywed couple.Bridal portraits are some of the most important images we capture at weddings. These are the photos that show the couple in love, and connecting as one. These are the images that document the beginning of your legacy as husband and wife. These photos are for you, your future children, and grandchildren. For generations to love and cherish.We love to whisk the bride and groom away shortly after the ceremony to a secluded location either at the venue or near by. We love to have an hour alone with the couple but realistically that doesn't always happen. So we have learned to photograph efficiently and quickly if need be.TIPS TO ACHIEVE GREAT BRIDAL PORTRAIT 

Get away from the group

Allow enough time

Make sure you have allotted the time needed to take your bridal portraits. Letting your wedding coordinator know these images are important to you when discussing the timeline. Incorporate the bridal portrait session into the timeline as an event with its own time slot will ensure that this doesn't get squeezed out of the day.

Get to know your photographer

We always recommend an engagement session. This lets us as photographers see what you like and dislike about your pictures being taken. What your comfort level is in front of the camera. You get to see first hand how we work. When your wedding day comes around you will feel like we are part of the family not just a vendor. This makes your pictures so much more 

Why you should trust your wedding photographer

When you let go and trust your photographer your pictures will be more natural and stunning. Suggestions can interrupt the flow that we are trying to achieve. As professionals we take many factors of the day into consideration. The elements, lighting, distractions, obscure objects, people, background, etc.

Pinterest and the internet

The internet is a great tool to have at our disposal. However, when couples come to me and show me a photo from Pinterest the expectations to recreate this image on your wedding day can be unrealistic. Most likely the photo you want to recreate has been taken under completely different circumstance therefore making it impossible to duplicate. I don't want my couples to be disappointed and many times these pictures have been planned out with models and the proper amount of time to take them. Most Pinterest photos are taken under flexible time schedules, or they are set up just for that one shot with lots of prep time and props included. We love to photograph you at your wedding with what is going on specifically to the location you chose and the circumstance of the day. We will be creating your own unique Pinterest worthy photos.


Why you hired a professional wedding photographer

Tips to achieve great bridal portraits

Last photo of the day

If this shot is important to you then have a discussion with your photographer before your wedding day and put a plan together. For example if you want all your guests to hold sparklers as you exit the ballroom let us know so we can prepare and set up for the exit shot.

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