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  25. Orange County Family Portrait Studio Photographer
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  28. central park family photographer
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  41. Seal Beach Family Portrait Photographer
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  44. Orange County Maternity Photographer
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  58. Orange County Portrait Photographer
  59. Children Portrait Photographer
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  62. Orange County Family Portrait Photographers
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  73. Huntington Beach Family Photographer
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Photographer In Orange County

Being an OC photographer that specializes in people, I oftentimes find myself photographing families and children in my studio or on location.

Best spots for family photos in Orange County

Natural locations like the beach or foothills are great when photographed at the right time of day.

Upscale or architectural backdrops are available in Orange County for a more refined family photograph.

How to plan your family portraits in the OC

Plan your family photography by first deciding what you would like to do with your prints. My simple three-step process ensures families end up with beautiful art for their walls from every family session.

What makes a good family photo?

The best family photos show personality and love and connection. This can be done most easily with our candid style of family photography. However if you prefer a more traditional style we can do that as well.

How long does it take to photograph a family?

Most family sessions last an hour. I once had a session last 5 min when a child fell into a lake at a park.  After dad jumped in to retrieve his youngster, I wasn't sure if I should keep shooting.  Years later the father told me the lake images are some of their favorite pictures of their son.  

How much do family portraits cost?

Family photography costs can vary widely, but most clients spend between $500 and $3000, depending on many factors such as what products they purchase.

How can I book my family portrait? 

The best way to book me for your family photography is by phone or email.

Our typical scheduling window is 1-2 weeks out.