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  12. Orange County Headshot Photographer
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  28. Attorney Headshots Orange County
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Headshots Los Angeles

Hello my name is Christopher Todd and I spend most of my time creating head shots that get people's attention.  As a headshot photographer in Los Angeles I'm often asked why my photographs show so much personality.

The best headshots are crafted with good photographic technique including lighting composition, background choice, but most important of all is personality.

Many headshot photographers often forget they are working with a person. It's best to spend 90% of your energy connecting with your subject and 10% on the photography to create images that speak to people.  Personality is the product of conversation.  Just taking time to talk to the people I photograph yields better results.

Types of headshots in LA

Studio headshots

Let's the photographer control the lighting and environment.  This allows for way more choices when considering what style of lighting you would prefer in your pics.

Location headshots

Headshots on location tend to have a more natural feel. One reason is natural light and the other are the cues in the environment surrounding the subject.  Environment gives the viewer context. Location head shots are great for people in service industries.

Styles of headshots

Modern headshots tends to be bold and colorful but get attention.

Traditional head shots

most popular in more conservative industries such as legal and medical.

Actors headshot LA

dreams of stardom are made or broken with a headshot. Actors must have a Zed card that shows personality. Their headshot is the key that opens the door to acting work or waiting tables. I love photographing actors because of their high level of participation in creating their headshot.

Business headshot Los Angeles

Most businesses have a need for photography. Especially head shots for business websites and profiles. 

Attorney headshots Los Angeles

I often find myself photographing attorneys or entire law firms in Los Angeles. Attorneys usually try to look approachable nowadays in their photographs whereas past trends were to look intimidating. I usually find myself having great conversations with attorneys while we create photos, although they tend to be fast conversations as most LA attorneys don't have much time.