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Wedding Photographer Orange County

Hello my name is Christopher Todd and I am an Orange County wedding photographer specializing in candid photos that show personality and connection during celebrations of matrimony. Despite photographing more than 500 weddings in my career, I still am fascinated with my couples stories.

Wedding Photo Information

I hope engaged couples can use this carefully curated website as a resource for planning their wedding photography as well as avoiding pitfalls that tend to disrupt wedding photography and lead to lackluster photos.  I have even written many articles in this website to help you pick the best photographer for your wedding, and plan your photography in a efficient, and fun way so your wedding memories will carry on in your family.

The Best Wedding Photographers In OC

Do not only take pictures but tell stories with images captured on the wedding day. Photos that show personality, life, and document relationships.

Attributes of great wedding photographers.


 Able to avoid distractions and get the shot. Even when your camera is getting heavy, and uncle Bob is asking you what lens your using.


The art of communication without over communicating.  Subtlety communication helps me get many of the images I want at weddings. 


A skill often required at a wedding, as there are many key players in a wedding group, which can often delay events of the day substantially. Patience is also beneficial when working with a large team of wedding vendors with different ideas about the timeline.


The ability to carefully calculate what contribution or reduction of photographer involvement is needed at that exact moment in order to get the desired photo.


Weddings are fun. This is really what it is all about right? Life is too short to not have fun. I do my best work when I'm having fun.  You will get the best photos when your having fun.  It's true.


Excitement is contagious. I find photography a challenging endeavour, and challenges excite me.  Drunk adults and children are also easily excited.  I'll carefully observe them at your wedding, and when the moment is right I'll create a pic that you will be excited to see. 


Many past clients have tagged this description to me on websites like yelp.com and the knot.com because I'm good at blending in.  A good stealthy photo takes the perspective of an outsider looking in, and can be very powerful storytelling technique for a wedding.  Candid photos are always the best images I make at weddings.


In wedding context this refers to learning from one's own mistakes.  Nobody can truthfully say they have never made mistakes.  A wise photographer will never repeat the same mistake.


Information is power, and leads to better decisions. Lets create a wedding plan based on good information so we can make great decisions to have more powerful images.


The reason I got involved in photography.  The reason I have stuck with photography. The reason I continue in photography.  Remember inspiration is 50% hard work and 30% focus, and 20% chance.


How do I put a different spin on wedding photography? This is the question great photographers ask themselves every weekend.  The answer is in the images.


This status is overused, but to me it means, living, breathing, learning and relearning, searching, striving towards your passion everyday for 1000's of days.


I am actually not smarmy, just wanted to see if your still reading this.

Destination Weddings In Orange County

Photographing a destination wedding for a couple traveling from outside California is always fun. Orange County is a popular area for destination weddings, ranking highly in wedding magazines that poll brides.

Wedding Locations In Orange County 

As a wedding photographer living in Orange County I really have it easy in terms of having a diverse set of backgrounds to pick from when photographing local weddings. The OC has some of the best beaches in Southern California as well as some beautiful architectural gems.  Our weather isn't so bad either. Offering beautiful blue skies and great sunsets year-round. 

Beach Weddings. 

Many couples dream of celebrating their nuptials with their toes in the sand. Unfortunately, it's often not the case due to state beach permitting and somewhat restrictive regulations. However there are some cities that make it easier to have a beach wedding than others.

Garden Weddings

Despite being known for beautiful beaches, Orange County also has some quaint locations with amazing garden settings. The OC sports Botanical gardens like The Fullerton Arboretum for wedding ceremonies as well more natural gardens like The Sherman Gardens in Corona Del Mar. My favorite garden location is the spanish style Rancho Las Lomas in Santiago Canyon.

Modern Weddings

Modern weddings have become more trendy in the last couple years which had lead to more locations with a sophisticated flair.  I love the minimal aesthetic of modern wedding locations for your photographs, because they tend to eliminate distractions in the background which take away from your photos.

Resort Weddings

We have many fantastic resort wedding locales in Orange County that will help you plan a wedding that will cater to your guests entire experience.  Resort weddings are most popular with couples that have lots of family and friends traveling to celebrate the wedding. Hyatt Regency and Pasea Resort are two of my favorite resort locations in central OC, with The Ritz Carlton and Montage being my favorite spots in south county.  

Boutique Weddings

Quite a few boutique wedding venues are popping up in Orange County, catering to intimate weddings with up to 50 guests, looking to book out an entire hotel for a smaller group experience.  Hotel 741 in Laguna Beach is a popular locale for boutique weddings.

Wedding Venues In Orange County. 

Of course it's always easier working in your own backyard, so listed below is a partial list of some of my favorite wedding locations in Orange County and Los Angeles. Having photographed hundreds of weddings this shortlist only represents some of my favorites and should not be considered a complete list of every venue I've worked at.

Multiple Photographer Teams

When photographing large weddings with two or three additional photographers, I find it important to function as a team with each photographer having specific goals outlined before the wedding day. 

My clients often appreciate the extra photos and differing perspectives of my second photographers at their wedding. 

The best example of this is a photo of the groom's expression as he sees his bride walking toward him down the aisle, while the second photographer photographs the bride's face as she approaches her groom. 

Complementary Photo Coverage

My photographer team approaches every wedding with the idea of complementary coverage, meaning we photograph the same thing from different directions, angles, and with different lenses. 

The product of this approach is different perspectives on the same thing. Which lends itself to an amazing wedding album design.

Wedding Albums 

Wedding albums should be your the end game from your celebration.  A well planned album should tell the story of the wedding day. The bride and groom coming together while their families also connect. 

The best wedding albums tend to be simple and free of clutter. I have thought so much about wedding stories and books over the last decade that I've written some specific articles that brides or grooms might take to heart when considering hiring a photographer that will help them through the entire process from wedding planning to their printed album.