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What Is Brand Photography

Brand photography are professional images that represent your business in a visual and accurate platform. These photos typically include you, your team, products, services you provide, and a company store or office. We offer brand photography in Orange County.

Why Is Branding Important For Your Business

It is important to show what makes your business unique and appealing. This is done through the brand photos. Our goal is to create a specific mood or feeling to represent your business. We want to show images that sets you apart from the competition. Brand photography should speak to your clients and visually show them your overall unique brand.

Personal Brand Photography

  • Helps customers connect with your brand

  • Shows how you are an expert in what you have to offer

  • Authenticity

  • Images include on-location photographs

  • Headshots of the company leaders

  • Team photos

  • Photos of the office environment of the company

  • Images of products and/or services

  • Corporate events or meetings

Attributes Of Good Brand Photography

  • Creativity

  • Credibility

  • Memorable brand to clients/customers

  • Strong visual representation

  • Strengths

What Branding Photos Are Used For

  • Websites

  • Social Media

  • Linkedin

  • Blogs

  • Marketing

Why Hire Christopher Todd Studios For Brand Photography

  1. Our process for brand photography is unique. It might seem like we ask lots of questions but this just helps us get to know you and deliver the best brand photos we can.
  2. First, we start with a consultation meeting. Either in person or via phone.
  3. Then we familiarize ourself with your website, social media, and the style you are looking for. Often times we look at the competition's brand to get an idea of your industry and how to help your brand stand out. We treat every business professionally.
  4. We customize each session to reflect your brand. So whether your company is artistic, in the corporate world, attorney office, or small business it is important to show your authenticity through brand photography.

How To Get The Best Brand Photos

The best way to achieve outstanding brand photos is to tell your story through images we take. The most important aspect is to talk about your why. What is your story? When you know why you want to help people. Why is this line of work so important to you? Why do you do what you do? Once you can articulate the why we can tell your story. This lets people connect with your why story on a much deeper level than just saying I want to help children because they are cute. Or I want to help the homeless because they need it. Try digging deeper when answering your why. An example of explaining your why would be I want to help the homeless in Orange County because my family was homeless when I was young. We were fortunate to receive help and overcome our homelessness. Now I want to give back to the homeless in the same community that changed my life.

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