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Business Headshots Attract New Clients

Business Headshots are important for so may reasons. Update your LinkedIn profile. Re-branding your company. Marketing material. Social media photos. Keynote speaker at an industry conference. The list goes on and on.

5 Tips for the Best Business Headshots

  1. Hire a professional headshot photographer. Your smart phone might take good pictures but you need more than that. When you hire a pro they should be experts in lighting and posing.
  2. Wear the right outfit. Dress professionally. Busy patterns can be distracting. Choose the right colors or complimentary colors if more than one person is in photo. We can help you decide on this and offer advice.
  3. Studio v environmental portrait. We offer both types of business headshots. Either situation can be the right one for you. Studio is great for a clean polished look with no distractions. Environmental is an option if you want your office building in the background or a natural setting.
  4. Have a plan. We always tell our clients to get plenty of rest the night before your headshot session. Stay well hydrated. Arrange for hair and makeup in advance. Have fun and relax.
  5. Be yourself. You want your clients to see who you are. Be approachable, friendly, yet professional. Your photographer will guide you throughout the process.

How to hire Christopher Todd Studios for your Business Headshots

Call or email us today. We would love to talk to you about your headshot needs.

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