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Most Real Estate photographer only photograph properties.  While is is important to have great pictures of your listings, it is equally important to have a great images of yourself.   After all you are really the driving force in your business.   People buy from people, and the best way to have people buy or sell with you, being that approachable real estate expert every prospective client needs.

Headshots Are Currency For Realtors

In business image is everything and that can't be overstated for Real estate agents in the hyper saturated OC marketplace.  So it makes sense to have the most polished marketing effort possible. There are measurable ways to make you look more friendly, honest, approachable, intelligent, trustworthy. Why not create images that capitalize on photo, lighting and posing techniques to have the most desirable attributes associated with your business.

Christopher Todd is an expert Photographer

After 17 years photographing people and slowly gaining knowledge about posing psychology, and lighting techniques, Chris is focused on getting the absolute best out of his clients to create images that stand above the competition.  Connect with Chris to discuss the best plan for your marketing images. 

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