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Tips For Online Dating Profile Portraits

Online Dating Profile Photo Tips

The popular online dating sites like JDate, Bumble, and Zoosk all have profiles with photos and text. Your objective on these sites is to get interested parties to read the text and get to know you. The number one way of doing this is by having a kick-ass photo of yourself. Studies show that the first thing people see is your profile photo. From there, if they like it they will go on to read the text in your profile. Without a photo your profile will most likely get passed up. Someone looking might be afraid you are hiding something if they don't see any pictures. Below we talk about the best online dating profile photo tips.

Photos play an important role in your online dating success

Now that you know your profile photo is the first thing users see, you want to make a great first impression. Here is how.

  • Make sure your first photo is just you. A group photo is distracting. You want all eyes on you.

  • Show your personality.

  • Smiles get more profile reads.

  • Use recent photos to avoid any surprises and disappointment from future dates

  • Choose 3-5 photos for your profile section. Picking too many can be a distraction. You want people to move on to your text in the profile section and get to know you.

Tip 1: Be honest with the way you look

  • Pick the right outfit for the right location. Multiple outfits is a good idea.

  • When you choose what's interesting to you it reflects your personality.

  • Show different aspects of who you are through different locations. Maybe you love the beach, traveling, reading, etc.

  • Be authentic. Wear what you are comfortable in.

  • Be attractive. Put in the extra effort to buy a new outfit or get a fresh haircut before your photos.

  • Put the sunglasses away. Show your eyes. People want to see your eyes. It feels more real and like you have nothing to hide.

  • Your profile portrait should show your whole face. Again no hiding. And do not use snapchat filters.

  • Do this by not covering up a bald spot with a hat or not showing a full body picture

  • Don't hide things. If you have a bald spot don’t cover it up with a hat. Be truthful about how you look.

  • Always include a full frame body picture. Show the whole you.

Tip 2: Don’t use a photo from your smartphone.

  • Avoid taking a selfie.

  • Spend the money and hire a professional photographer.

  • When you use cell phone photos the quality is poor.

  • Selfies are often unflattering.

  • Smartphone photos send a message that you are not putting in the effort for your profile photo says to the viewer you don’t really care.

  • Shows that this is not as important to you as other things in your life

Tip 3: Hire a professional photographer to take your photos

  • Professional photos are just better. Better quality, better lighting, better posing, better looking.

  • A photographer with experience will help you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

  • Help with exact posing. Where your hands should go. Which way your feet should point.

  • Will make you look and feel confident by providing positive feedback and direction.

  • Multiple poses creates many looks. Fun, silly, happy, approachable can all be achieved with the right guidance.

  • Artistic set of eyes to help place you in front of the right background.

  • Will take into consideration the best time of day and light for your portrait session.

About this photo

The subject in this photo is smiling. He looks friendly and approachable. It is a full body shot, so there is nothing to hide. The lighting is great on him and there are minimal distractions in the background. This was just one of many photos we took during the session. With multiple outfit changes and locations his success on the dating apps will increase.

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