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Laguna Beach engagement session

Best time of year


The weather is still warm and the clouds can be beautiful during this time.

Average temperature is 72 Degrees.

How to plan for sunset photos

Once you decide on Laguna Beach for your engagement session and you have picked the date I look at the tide and sunset chart. This tells me what beaches we can shoot at without the tide interfering and what the best time is for your sunset photos. I recommend starting the session an hour before sunset. This gives you time to get comfortable in front of the camera. Couples tend to relax after about 20 minutes. By giving yourself plenty of time before the sun sets you have time for an outfit change.

Be prepared to get wet

It doesn't always happen but sometimes couples will get splashed by the waves. This is fun and can make a stunning photo.

Are permits required?

A permit is required when photographing on the city beaches. We will help you arrange this. The fee is $100, but it's well worth it.

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