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Newport Beach Event Photographer at Pelican Hill

As an Event photography in Newport Beach, I will often find myself working with exclusive clients. This session was no different when I was hired by Christie's of London to photograph a preview of selected gems and jewelery about to go to auction. 

The collective value of Jewelry the room was over 20 Million dollars

The most talked about item Was the Ring Jennifer Lopez aka J.Lo Gave back to Ben Affleck after calling their engagement off.  Just a mere $2.5 million, 6.1-carat pink diamond Harry Winston engagement ring.  

The guards looked very serious

I can honestly say I was scared to look at the armed guards that traveled with the lots of jewels.  They looked like models. Immaculately dressed in Italian suits with perfect hair and hard jawlines, but had nothing but death in their eyes. 

I captured this photograph during a short break when I noticed the striking complimentary colors of warm light in the ballroom and the cool blues in the evening sky.   The invitees were milling about looking and trying on jewelry worth more than houses just up the street in Newport Beach. 

If your in need of a professional event photographer with experience at The Resort at Pelican Hill, that is comfortable working with exclusive clients, please call my studio at 800-501-2063 or contact us through this website

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