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Orange County Maternity Session

Congratulations on your pregnancy. This is an exciting time bringing a little human into this world and your family. Maternity photos are a great way to document this time. My goal as a photographer is to capture this moment in your life with beautiful portraits of you, your partner, and other members of your family. You can view my Family Portfolio here.

Studio Maternity Session

Maternity sessions can be taken in my Orange County studio. Conveniently located near South Coast Plaza just off the 55 freeway. You will find my studio warm and inviting. I want you to be comfortable and relaxed for your session. In the studio we have a private room for you to change outfits. A restroom if needed, and we keep the fridge stocked with water, beer, wine, and soda. Of course no alcohol for the mom. Portrait sessions in my studio are fun and relaxing. Choose from one of my many backgrounds or props to suit your style. As a master of off camera lighting your portraits will show off your glowing, radiant, pregnancy. I invite families and couples to come in for a tour of my studio.

Location Maternity Session

I also love photographing maternity sessions at a location. Some of my favorite spots in Orange County are Central Park in Huntington Beach, Seal Beach Pier, and The Camp in Costa Mesa. Some moms have a special place in mind that is meaningful to them. I am always open to new ideas. It is a good idea to have a conversation with your photographer before your session to make sure it is a good place to take photos and the proper permits are obtained if needed. Southern California has so many great locations to choose from. It can be very overwhelming I am here to answer any of your questions and provide suggestions.

What To Look For In A Maternity Photographer

  • Experience with off camera flash as well as natural lighting.
  • Capable of providing professional products such as prints and albums
  • Compatible style of photography that fits your personality
  • Help make your vision come to life
  • Able and willing to answer all your questions and concerns

Digital files vs. Fine Art Prints

Digital files

When I first started delivering digital files of portrait sessions it was pre social media. They would be delivered on a CD. I used to back up all sessions on cds. CDs are now obsolete in 2018. DVDs became the next way to deliver digital files. This was nice because they held more photos. DVDs are nearly obsolete in 2018. So fast forward a few years computers no longer have a CD drive for viewing or even a DVD drive. Then came along the thumb drive. A convenient way to deliver digital files. These small devices fit in the palm of your hand and are easy to use. However, my new Apple laptop doesn't have the same connection that I have been using for the past 10 years. Thumb drives will disappear in the next few years as well. Which brings us to the cloud storage. Cloud storage refers to an online space that you use to store your data, photos, music, and videos for access from any of your devices. So now your photos will just be sitting in a virtual space the cloud. We all know how fast technology and devices change. What will be next? How will you be able to view your precious memories in the future if the device you saved them on is obsolete.

Fine art prints

I highly recommend getting your photos printed. When you have your portraits printed you wont have to worry about the next device to view them on. Either a fine art print custom matted or a beautiful custom designed album. This is the best way to see your portraits and pass your heirlooms down to your children and grandchildren. Just like our parents and grandparents have passed down their photos to us. I am proud to announce that I print beautiful photos right in our studio. I control the whole process. This ensures that you get the highest quality print out there.

Why Christopher Todd Studios Loves Maternity Sessions

I always knew that maternity photography was important but I didn't fully grasp how meaningful these portraits were until I had my first child. Photographing my wife during her two pregnancies was such a beautiful experience. The portraits we have are the beginning of our family story. It is my wish that every expecting mother and father to be can have the same experience. Maternity photography tells your story during this special time in your lives. Capturing the details and creating beautiful photos that can be printed or made into a custom album is what I want you to walk away with. I want you to have these memories in a physical form not just on your hard drive or thumb drive. These portraits are your family heirloom that will out live you and be passed on to future generations.

Get in touch today

I would love to answer any of your questions via email or by phone 949-771-9600. Don't hesitate. You only have 40 weeks.

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