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Why High School Seniors Dread Portraits

High school seniors are as reluctant to get their photos taken by a professional as they are to want to study for the upcoming SAT Test. Parents want to know why that is. Because your senior thinks it's boring. We are here to tell you that we provide a fun and relaxed experience for your child. When we listen to what they want the possibilities are endless. 

Christopher Todd's approach to Senior Portraits

  1. Before we start the session we get to know your teenager. Finding out what they are interested in helps us connect.
  2. Bring a friend. This always helps them feel more confident in front of the camera. 
  3. We like to allow high school seniors to feel in control of how they look. 
  4. Complimentary outfit changes for different looks. 
  5. We keep it light-hearted
  6. We stay flexible and accommodating to your high schooler's needs. 

Keys to a successful Senior Session

  1. We recommend getting your hair and makeup done professionally. 
  2. Consult our personalized style guide for outfit suggestions.
  3. Don't rush. Have the day blocked off for your session. 
  4. Let us help you decide on the best time and location for your teenager.
  5. We will get the best results if parents let us direct your child on how to pose and when to smile.

For a phone consultation with Christopher Todd call 949-771-9600 or email us today. 

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