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Hotel Irvine weddings are always beautiful

This image in particular was absolutely gorgeous. The bride was wearing a designer Berta gown From Israel, with her dapper groom dressed a slim blue suit from Friar Tux.  In this photo I had the bride stroll through the lobby of Hotel Irvine holding the groom's hand and leading him forward. Often times I asked my married couples to play games and pretend a little when we make photos after their wedding ceremony.  In this case I told the bride to pretend she was walking towards her favorite store which was Gucci.  The groom was ordered to give her a little resistance, as she pulled him across the lobby floor, but in reality he didn't stand a chance. This photo was intentionally captured just as the bride glanced back at the groom and started to laugh as she pulled him around.  Thereby elevating the photo with the real expression and connection only a newlywed couple will have.  This location is often crowded with people checking into their hotel rooms, But the gracious staff at Hotel Irvine was nice enough to clear the area for 30 seconds so we could create this photograph.  I intern rewarded the hotel by giving them this image for their future wedding marketing, and have since seen this image used as Hotel Irvine's main profile image on  

Wedding photos are easily created at Hotel Irvine

My favorite locations for wedding photographs at Hotel Irvine's property are

  • The Backyard
  • Grand Ballroom 
  • The Pavilion

Irvine Company a ubiquitous land and property owner in Orange County and Los Angeles owns Hotel Irvine which is Located at 17900 Jamboree Rd, Irvine, CA 92614

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