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Mission San Juan Capistrano wedding

As a Mission San Juan Capistrano wedding photographer I often feel lucky to have such a rustic wedding venue at my fingertips. The mission is perfectly suited for photography at any time of the day. It's also a very popular spot for couples getting married at different venues around Orange County to pop in for a bridal photo session. Couples celebrating at Serra Plaza often utilize the mission for bridal portraits or portraits of the entire bridal party. That was the case with this couple on their wedding day. In this photo I had the bride and groom sit down on this old bench in front of a very old Adobe wall with a beautiful texture. It was midday and the sun was very bright. The benches are under eaves in the courtyard of the mission creating beautiful light for any type of photography in the shed. The bride and groom were very laid-back but the groom was a really funny guy often going above and beyond what was asked of him when creating his wedding photos. I loved that he spontaneously took the bouquet and put it in his mouth showing that he had a great personality but more importantly forcing him to close his mouth as if he has no opinions regarding the wedding. Most grooms aren't worried about wedding planning which is the reason this stereotype is so humorous in this photograph.

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