Monarch Beach Resort Wedding Portrait of Bride
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Monarch Beach Resort Wedding Portrait of Bride

Monarch Beach Resort Wedding. 

As a Monarch Beach photographer I am lucky to often work at such a beautiful wedding venue. 

Monarch Beach Resort Is Big

Weddings at the Monarch Beach resort can be located at the grand lawn, or Pacific lawn for groups up to 700 people. More intimate weddings are often held at the botanical garden or the botanical lawn. Typically these weddings have their reception at club 19. 

This bride's wedding ceremony took place on the Grand Lawn and reception in the Monarch Ballroom. 

A Brides Portrait

In this image the bride looks demure as her eyes meet my camera in the rotunda just moments before her first look with her groom. The rotunda is the most popular location for photos at Monarch Beach resort. It is known for the Ivy leaf mosaic on the floor. For this reason it's popular for photographers to photograph brides and grooms from the stairs. 

The Rotunda First Look Location

It's also an extremely popular location for the bride and groom's first look. This photograph was captured on a cloudy day, but just as the bride entered the rotunda the sun started to break lighting her face and giving the image some visual interest with the shadow of the bride on the floor. 

I love that this image is different from most photographers in that the bride is facing the sun instead of being backlit. As an Orange County photographer I often try new poses so I am not creating wedding photos the same way every weekend and find it inspiring to mix things up and create different images for commonly visited locations where I work for weddings. It not only makes my couples happy to get unique photography, it also makes me happy as a photographer to keep creating new and distinctive photographs.

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