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Wedding Photography In Orange County

Why Choose a local vendor for wedding photography?

  1. Vendors who live and work in Orange County are familiar with many of the venues.
  2. Local vendors work more frequently together.
  3. Knowing the area gives a photographer an advantage on the best places for photos for before and after ceremony portraits.
  4. When you choose a local vendor they will be able to refer other vendors that they like working with.

Best time of year for wedding photography in the OC

If you are thinking about the best time of year for your wedding in Orange County you can rest easy that we have great weather all year round. However, that is not to say we don't have rain or cloudy days. Our climate in the OC is considered mild to moderate. Summers are nice and warm depending on which region you are in. The coast has an average temperature of 72. May, June and the beginning of July can be foggy with a coastal marine layer. Sometimes this burns off by noon, other days it stays throughout the day. If you go more inland by the foothills the temperature tends to be warmer. We don't really have a fall season. Often times winter starts in February. Springtime is nice and mild. Keep in mind while you cannot predict the weather, you can get lucky with 80 degree days in the winter months.

Weddings Photography in Orange County

You will love your wedding photos if you choose a venue in the OC. We have nature, urban, rustic, and coastal views all within minutes of each other. Some of the best sunsets are in Laguna Beach. With so many choices it can be overwhelming to decide. Check out our favorite venues in Orange County.

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