Green Screen Photography For Business in Orange County

Green screen photography removes the green background from the photograph and replaces it with any image you choose. Example Gallery for selecting a backgrounds for your images.

The Real Business Benefits

I discovered green screen photography a couple years ago, and soon realized its many benefits for photographing Orange County business or corporate clients. Oftentimes I find myself rescheduling business client shoots, due to sick employees, or some unexpected event that forces someone to be missing.

See how green screen photography works after your shoot.

Common Business Photography Problems

All businesses need great images for marketing and promotion. As you increase the number of employees scheduling becomes more difficult.

  • Coordinating multiple schedules for a photo shoot is difficult at best.
  • Existing profile pics on website look mismatched with inconsistent lighting and backgrounds.
  • Some employees are not happy with their image in an existing group photo.
  • New hires are left out of group and team images until your next photo session.
  • Ex-employees in your group photos.

Why Try Green Screen

The largest benefit of green screen photography is easy scheduling. When I photograph an office, each person is photographed individually.

  • Employees are photographed individually in one or multiple sessions.
  • Missing employees can be photographed on a different day or time.
  • Group or team images can be created with employees favorite pics.
  • Backgrounds and lighting will be totally consistent on your website.

The Added Benefits Of Green Screen

The green screen helps us future-proof your marketing efforts.

Newport Beach Attorney headshotsEach person in this group photo was photographed individually on a green screen.

  • New hires can be photographed later, then seamlessly added to your existing group photo.
  • Ex-employees can be removed from any group shots.
  • Employees are always happier to have their best image on your website.
  • The background can be customized for every image or kept exactly the same.
  • Consistent looking images on a website communicate professionalism.

How much does it cost?

Green screen photography costs a little more than traditional photography due to additional time spent working with your images in post-production.

Basic pricing is listed below, for a more in-depth pricing look at my rate sheet.

The first person is $249. Additional people are $75 per person. Price breaks for larger groups.

Price includes one individual image per person, photography, studio equipment, basic post-production, and retouching on all images selected.

Where can we do this?

I can come to your office for your green screen photography, or you can send your employees to my studio. We are located in Orange County on the border of Irvine, Costa Mesa, and Santa Ana. Check out our studio page for more information.

How we do it

The green screen actually just refers to the background we use. The bright green color is unique which makes it unlikely to match the colors your wearing. Lighting setup is critical for a professional green screen photo because it determines my ability to remove the green screen from the background of your photo.

After your photo session

  1. Sort through every image one at a time and pick the best shots for you to preview.
  2. Remove the green from the background and clean up edges and spots that aren't perfect.
  3. Create an image file and add the individual photos onto separate layers, so for easy manipulation of each photo.
  4. Retouch each image done as per clients request.

Tips For Green Screen Photography

  1. Don't wear green.
  2. Look your best, consider having your hair and makeup done by a pro.
  3. Get a good nights sleep before the shoot.
  4. Wear glasses with anti-reflective lenses.

Christopher Todd Studios is a specialist in green screen photography and the latest technology and techniques for building composite group images out of individual photos with a computer.

If you need any green screen photography for your business or group please contact Christopher or call at 949-771-9600

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