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Rancho Las Lomas Wedding Photographer

Rancho Las Lomas is Southern California's most spectacular private resorts and zoological garden. This place is a photographers' happy place. A hidden wedding venue with Spanish flair and classic charm. Imagine a beautiful wedding portrait of you and your groom in front of this historic water tower or under a sycamore tree. 

Rancho Las Lomas Photographer |Christopher Todd Studios

Brides will love this hidden location. The scenic photographs of you and your groom will be spectacular. This great location is in Silverado Canyon and tucked away in the natural wilderness of the Cleveland National Forest.  We would love the opportunity to be your wedding photographer at this beautiful location.  

Rancho Las Lomas history

A little history about Rancho Las Lomas it was once home to the Lawrence family, now you can celebrate in this great room your intimate ceremony and reception.

Surrounded by California Oak and native cactus, La Terraza is a great backdrop for a romantic unexpectad dream wedding location.

Casa Bella

The story of Rancho Las Lomas begins inside Casa Bella, once home to the beloved grandparents of the Lawrence children.

El Teatro

Amongst ancient oak and sycamore trees, say your I does under the open-air theater on the ceremonial stage.

Rancho Las Lomas Wedding Photographer

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