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The Right Photographer For A Type A Bride

Congratulations, you just got engaged. Or maybe it’s about to happen. Either way you are here for a reason. You are ready to get a head start on planning your dream wedding. Most likely you already have a color palette and vision for your big day. Your Pinterest board was probably created before the official proposal. I get it and understand the Type A Bride. In fact, I enjoy working with brides like you.

Type A Bride Photographer

10 Traits of a Type A Bride

  1. Detail oriented. Above and beyond in most cases
  2. Rigidly organized
  3. Ambitious
  4. Anxious. That’s ok we will help ease the nerves
  5. You print out and organize vendor contracts and have a special three ring binder with tabs
  6. The need for control is real
  7. Need somebody you can trust but are extremely picky when choosing the right person
  8. Proactive in all aspects of planning
  9. Concerned with time management
  10. Have a hard time giving up control

Hyatt Huntington Beach Bride

Why is Christopher Todd Studios a perfect match for Type A Brides

I am a perfect match for you. I take planning head on. As a photographer I am one of the few vendors you will hire that arrives at the beginning of the wedding day and doesn't leave till after the last dance. Having photographed 100’s of weddings I know how the day will turn out just from looking at a great wedding timeline vs one that doesn’t leave room for the bride and groom to breath. I will help ease your stress level and the fears of the unknown. I do this in a few ways. Through great communication, organization, and being detail oriented.

  • Communication

    • What does good communication look like?

      • Easy to get a hold of before, during, and after the day of your event.

      • Quick response time to your questions

      • Help solve problems that you encounter

    • Why it's important to have good communication?

      • It is the most important part of our relationship.

      • Communication is key to lowering stress.

      • I know how important your time and questions are. There is nothing worse than a slow response when you need answers now.

    • 2 Examples of how we communicate with you.

      • When you tell me your preference of communication I take note. Just want to email that's fine. I reply to emails quickly. Even quicker than that would be texting. Or if you prefer calling.

      • I do my best to respond immediately. If I don’t answer the phone or reply to your email within the hour or sooner it is because I am currently working on a photography project.

    • The benefits of a good communication strategy for the bride

      • Reduces stress

      • You will sleep better knowing your questions/concerns have been answered

      • Trust is built with good communication

  • Organization

    • What does good organization look like?

      • Having a workflow that keeps my studio on task

      • A well organized camera bag

      • Back up batteries charged and ready to use

      • Post production process that involves backing up your photos immediately after the event

      • Knowing how to work well with big groups during family formals

    • Why it's important to have good organization?

      • Organization directly impacts workflow efficiency

      • The ability to stay on task will impact your wedding day

      • I am able to take the best portraits of you when I am prepared and organized

      • Being organized allows me to deliver your photos quickly.

    • Examples of how we stay organized for you

      • I use an office management software specifically designed for photographers.

      • I am a big fan of online tools like Airtable and OmniFocus to create, to do lists, workflow, and stay on task.

      • My camera bag is a perfect example of why it is important to be organized. I know where every lens, camera body, and backup equipment are. I work quickly and efficiently so I don’t miss important moments.

    • The benefits of good organization for the bride

      • Together we create a photography timeline and discuss all the important photos you want

      • When we plan ahead the stress level is lower and the day flows more smoothly

      • When we are organized and plan together I am able to deliver photos that are full of emotion and how it felt to be at your wedding

  • Details

    • Define being detail oriented/focused

      • Paying close attention to the timeline of the days events

      • Knowing where to take the best portraits at your chosen venue

      • Understand your style and vision for your wedding

    • Why it's important to be aware of the details?

      • You hire experts so you don’t have to worry about the logistics

      • Helps the day flow smoothly

      • To ensure your photos are stunning

      • Paying attention to details minimizes unwanted surprises on your wedding day

    • 2 Examples of how we key in on details for you

      • Before your wedding date we go over the timeline to make sure it allows for all the important photos that you want

      • I pay close attention to the direction of the sun, background, and other obstacles that might get in the way when taking your portraits

    • Benefits of hiring a detail oriented photographer

      • Paying attention to details during the planning session helps us avoid any unnecessary surprises. I ask tons of questions during this time

      • I can make suggestions if I see potential problems that might come up

      • Your stress level will be lower knowing we have a solid timeline

      • You won’t have to worry about where the best light is for your portraits

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Even though you get one wedding in your lifetime your dream team does weddings and events just like this every weekend. Learn to trust the experts that you hire and remember you chose them for the expertise they bring to the day. I am excited to get to know you and answer any questions or concerns you have.

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