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Getting Ready For Wedding Photography

  • Pick a room with good light and ample space. Consider the size of your bridal party and family that will be with you. Suites are great, or hotel rooms with an adjoining door. You can designate one room as clutter free for photos. Nicer hotels & resorts tend to have larger windows and consequently better or more light.
  • De Clutter the room. Hair and Makeup Artists tend to have lots of "stuff" try to stay tidy so your photos don't have lots of stuff on every surface distracting from your photography.
  • Share a gift or note with your fiance. This is ALWAYS an awesome event to photograph. I love it because I can arrange it in a great spot with beautiful light. REAL emotion is best, and will remind you how it felt every time you look at the photo.
  • Water Proof Mascara. I hope you shed a tear or two. I also hope your makeup looks awesome;-)
  • Do a "first look" with your Dad. If you don't have a Dad bring in the closest father figure. This is a must. I swear I'm not trying to sabotage your makeup

Orange County Private Estate Wedding Bride Getting Ready

More Tips For Getting Prepared For Your Wedding Photos

  • Have the flowers delivered early. Also make sure the personal flowers such as bride and bridesmaids' bouquets are delivered to your hotel room, and not the church.
  • Ring Shot. Make sure you have the wedding rings with you. It's traditional for the guys to keep the rings before the wedding ceremony. I'd recommend you keep them with the ladies so we can take a couple min. to make an incredible ring shot. Wedding ring photos typically end up on the first page of the wedding album.
  • Hair and makeup artists. Be sure to be on the same page and communicate how many ladies or gentlemen will be needing styling, and start early. Allow a buffer in case things run late. This is the typical cause of a wedding running behind. It's always a shame to lose photography time.
  • Have a drink not five if you're nervous. It can do wonders.
  • Get lots of sleep. This one is obvious, right? A well rested bride can better handle pre wedding stress, and be more mindful and in the moment on her wedding day.

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