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Orange County Wedding Photographer

Hello there, my name is Christopher Todd. I am an Orange County wedding photographer.

I have been documenting weddings professionally for over 18 years. Despite photographing more than 500 weddings in my career, I still find my couples' love stories fascinating. No wedding is too large or small for us. I approach each celebration with the same professional quality and care.

My unique style of taking photos is a blend of dramatic portraiture, documentary, modern, classic, and lifestyle portraits. Learn more about my photographic style here.

Wedding Information

As a professional, I have seen many scenarios unfold. So I have written some specific articles that brides and grooms might take to heart when hiring a photographer. These articles will help you through the entire planning process. From timelines for the big day to deciding on the best album and prints. Therefore, I encourage couples to use this carefully curated website as a resource when planning your big day. My hope for you is that you will find more than answers to your photography questions here. You will find information on the best venues, florist, and other vendors. Some articles you will find useful are:

Feeling overwhelmed?

Start here at our Orange County Wedding Photographer FAQ page.

What Sets Christopher Todd Studios Apart

The best photographer does not only take pictures but will also tell your love story. We do this through images that we capture throughout the entire day. My Photos show personality, life, and document relationships.


Avoid distractions helps get the perfect shot. I still stay focused even when my cameras are getting heavy, and uncle Bob is asking what lens I'm using.


The art of communication without over communicating. Yet, subtle communication helps me get many of the images I want at weddings.


A skill often required. Being patient is a key to successful photos. Since there can be many family members in a wedding group, sometimes resulting in multiple opinions. This can often delay events of the day substantially. Patience is also beneficial when working with a large team of vendors with different ideas about the timeline.

Attributes Of A Great Photographer


The ability to carefully calculate what contribution or reduction of photographer involvement is necessary. Consequently, knowing that exact moment allows me to get the perfect photo.


Weddings are fun. This is really what it is all about right? Life is too short to not have fun. I do my best work when I'm having fun. You will get the best photos when you're having fun. It's true.


Excitement is contagious. I find photography exciting. Some adults and children are also easy to excite. I'll carefully observe them, and when the moment is right I'll create a pic that will be exciting to see.


Many past clients have tagged this description to me on websites like and the because I'm good at blending in. A good stealthy photo takes the perspective of an outsider looking in. As a result, this type of image can be very powerful as a storytelling technique.


In wedding context, this refers to learning from one's own mistakes. Nobody can truthfully say they have never made mistakes. A wise photographer will never repeat the same mistake.


Information is power and leads to better decisions. Let's create a plan based on good information so we can make great decisions to have more powerful images.


How do I put a different spin on my style? This is the question great photographers ask themselves every weekend. The answer is in the images.


This status is easy to overuse. However, to me, it means, living, breathing, learning and relearning. Always searching, striving towards your passion every day for 1000's of days.


I am actually not smarmy, just seeing if you're still reading this.

Destination Weddings In Orange County

The OC is a popular destination for couples getting married. Ranking high in magazines that poll brides.

There are so many great destinations in California, across the Country and abroad. My passport is current and I am ready to travel for your big day.

Venues In Orange County

The OC has some of the best beaches in Southern California as well as beautiful architectural gems. Our weather isn't so bad either. Offering stunning blue skies and great sunsets year-round. When it's time to decide on your location we encourage you to visit our venue page.

Popular Wedding Themes


Many couples dream of celebrating their nuptials with their toes in the sand. Unfortunately, it's often not the case due to state beach permitting and somewhat restrictive regulations. However, there are some cities that make it easier to get married on the beach than others. Maybe you are looking for stunning ocean views and cool breezes. You can incorporate a beach themed wedding even if you are not quite near the ocean.


Despite being known for beautiful beaches, Orange County also has some quaint locations with amazing garden settings. The OC sports Botanical gardens like The Fullerton Arboretum for beautiful outdoor ceremonies. In addition, you will find more natural gardens like The Sherman Gardens in Corona Del Mar. One of my favorite locations is the Spanish style Rancho Las Lomas in Santiago Canyon.


Modern weddings have become more trendy in the last couple years which lead to more locations with a sophisticated flair. I love the minimal aesthetic of modern location.


You have fantastic resort venues to choose from. Resorts are popular with couples that plan on having a large guest list. Hyatt Regency and Pasea Resort are two of my favorite locations in central OC. Further south you will find Ritz Carlton and Montage. both luxury properties in south county.


Quite a few boutique venues are popping up. These can accommodate intimate weddings with up to 50 guests. In some cases, couples are looking to book an entire hotel for a smaller group experience. Hotel Seven4One in Laguna Beach is great option.


Of course, it's always easier working in your own backyard. Below you will find a partial list of some of my favorite venues in Orange County and Los Angeles.

This shortlist only represents some of the venues. Thus, it is not a complete list of all the places I have been to and continue to work at.

Multiple Photographer Teams

When photographing large weddings it can be beneficial to have two or three additional photographers. We work as a team with each person assigned specific goals.

Outlining these goals before the wedding day helps to achieve success. As a result, our team will provide maximum coverage of your day.

My clients often appreciate the extra photos and differing perspectives of my second photographers during the ceremony and the reception.

For example, capturing the groom's expression as he sees his bride walking down the aisle. Meanwhile, the second photographer is able to capture the bride's face as she approaches her groom.

Complimentary Photo Coverage

It is common to have a large bridal party. Therefore, I have built a team that approaches every wedding with the idea of complementary coverage. Meaning we photograph the same thing from different directions, angles, and with different lenses.

The product of this approach is different perspectives on the same thing. Which lends itself to an amazing album design.


A photo album should be your end game from your celebration. A well-planned album will tell the story of the entire day. Beginning with the bride getting ready to the farewell sparkle exit.

The best albums tend to be simple and free of clutter. I have thought so much about wedding stories and books over the last decade. I know you will love yours.

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